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Why Counselling?

Sometimes something just doesn't feel right, but maybe you are not quite sure what it is. Maybe there is a feeling of emptyness, not feeling very much at all, difficulty having 'real' contact with others?Or maybe life is just very hard all the time - grey and bleak - a real struggle.


You may have had already contact with mental health services, maybe even had a diagnoses - or even several of them. Did it help? Has anyone ever asked you how life is? How it really is for you? And really listened to your answer?


Is your past so painful that you can barely think about it? Or are you thinking about it all the time? And has anyone ever showed an interest to finding out what made you the way you are? In a curious and kind way? 


It can really help to talk to someone - have the space to talk about whatever you want to. Counselling can give you that space - where, together with a counsellor you can have a look at your life.


It is not an easy process though - it can get you into touch with very difficult and painful feelings. And it can take a long time before you are ready to talk about something that really, really hurts. It takes a lot of courage to start that process. 

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