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About Me

In my early twenties I had therapy myself and that didn't go well at all. I had the feeling that I was not understood and it felt very unsafe. I felt that there should be 'another way' and that I was not the only one who struggled with therapy. 


I trained as a chef and worked in different countries. Retrained as a PA and worked for all different types of companies - from small, start-up companies to big international ones. I loved my work. This started to change when I got a family and other things became more important. I wanted something else. I started my counselling training here in the UK while I also worked as a foster carer. That work taught me so much that still is essential in my work now as a therapist. 

I am fascinated by trauma, especially developmental trauma; how the earliest relationships in our lives have such a long and far-reaching effect on the rest of our lives. If you grow up with a parent or carer who is not able to give you what you need as a small child, for whatever reason, that can set you up for a very difficult life indeed. 

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